Who does not like to take a souveneir to remember the good times of the country they visited? Here are some helpful tips on locating the most outstanding articles. If you are a fan of Irish tradition, you should buy something with a “leprechaun”, those nice green little elves; figurines of the classic Irish sheep or the shamrock that Saint Patrick used to represent the Holy Trinity. If you or your friends like beer, a pint glass with the Guinness logo is a good choice. Or why not buy a bottle of famous Irish whiskey like Jameson?  If it’s cold in your hometown, then there’s nothing better than protecting yourself with a fluffy jersey of 100% wool.
Travelers outside the European Union can request the refund of VAT in the Republic of Ireland provided that the trade is adhered to the “Cashback” or “Taxback” refund program. In Northern Ireland, you can request a refund of VAT on products purchased at establishments that are part of the “Tax Free Shopping” refund program.