Loving Ireland is collecting food and medicine for Venezuela.

Venezuela needs everyone’s help and that is why “Loving Ireland” is launching “Ireland for Venezuela” campaign aimed at collecting funds, medicines and food to distribute among people who are desperately in need of help.

Collaborate in our campaign which will be launched from the locations that Loving Ireland has in Europe

1. Make a donation – Account number



2. Collect non-perishable food and medicine


3. Attend the charity dinner which will take place in Dublin.


Loving Ireland is committed to sending everything that is collected to the Venezuelan population. Companies that guarantee fast and effective shipping of boxes filled with medicine and food will transport the goods. In addition, Loving Ireland is in contact with associations working in Venezuela to ensure proper distribution.

Since its foundation, Loving Ireland has been International, with offices in European  countries and Brazil developing collaborative projects between countries. Did you know that tourism contributes 10.4% of world GDP generating one in ten jobs on the planet? (World Travel and Tourism Council)

Loving Ireland, as a company in the tourism sector, wants to actively help the communities that need it most by connecting people of different cultures and traditions in a common struggle to improve the world. Venezuela has been suffering a humanitarian crisis for years, with a serious problem of inflation and shortages of basic products that, according to Unicef, have increased child malnutrition. In addition, the political and social situation is in permanent conflict which further worsens the country’s economy and has forced the emigration of at least 2.3 million Venezuelans. If you want to do your bit and help improve the life of the Venezuelan population, contact Loving Ireland through the internet or any of its headquarters, or make your donation to account number BIC: AIBKIE2D. IBAN: IE63AIBK93103926588096