Ireland, a movie country

The Irish beauty has not gone unnoticed to the world of the Seventh Art that, in numerous occasions, has chosen its epic and authentic landscapes as scene of important film blockbusters and successful television series.

Did you know that in Ireland more scenes from the series of Games of Thrones have been shot than anywhere else in the world? The beautiful landscapes of the Esmeralda Island, set with green meadows, rolling plains, gentle hills, steep coasts dotted with towering cliffs and surrounded by legendary stories, vibrant cities and towns full of tradition, have been attracting the cameras of half the world for decades. Discover the Irish cinematic soul!

In their photogenic lands unforgettable moments have been shot of such famous series as Vikings, Penny Dreadful or The Hunt, and super productions as famous as Star Wars or Harry Potter. During the visit to Ireland, you will have the opportunity to discover the cinematic stories that hide the streets of Dublin or the impressive cliffs of Moher.

On the island, several companies organize attractive themed guided tours that will allow you to get to know all the secrets of this movie country as a family. Do not miss it!