In 2018 discover Ireland and live an unforgettable experience with families from all over the world

“Join the World Meeting of Families and share your faith with Pope Francis”

It starts in 2018 and many families start to plan their summer holidays. This year you have the possibility to experience a different holiday. A few days of rest and relaxation where you can explore the beautiful island of Ireland, improve your English level and share your faith with Pope Francis and families from all over the world.


Since Pope John Paul II founded these meetings in 1992, proclaiming that “the future of humanity is forged in the family”, this event has been held in different cities around the world with the aim of serving as a beacon for Christian families, to generate a space for coexistence, workshops and enrichment to face the new challenges offered by an increasingly complex society.

The World Meeting of Families is, therefore, a unique and transformative opportunity to grow together in the faith surrounded by a festive and cosmopolitan atmosphere, to teach the little ones the joy of sharing the values ​​intrinsic to human beings and that they will find in people arriving from very distant lands to their homes.

Under the title “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World”, this meeting will be held in the historic and attractive city of Dublin, from August 21st to August 26th, 2018. In this multitudinous catholic event, you will reflect on the ideas that Pope Francis had in his last document “Amoris Laetitia”, where marriage and family are treated from a human perspective that is based on “three key words: permission, thanks and forgiveness”.


Ireland is a country that welcomes the traveller with open arms. The Irish tourist authorities and companies have been preparing for months to make this international event a success. In order for you to plan a trip, according to your needs and that you are fully informed on the history and main tourist sites in Ireland, from the agency Loving Ireland ( we have been working onsite for months so your stay is just perfect. We want to accompany you in the design of the trip and, if you wish, during your stay in Ireland. It offers special packages to attend the “World Meeting of Families 2018” and participate in this important event with your family and friends. For all those interested, we can complete your stay with guided tours and excursions to the main attractions and organize guided tours in the chosen language.


Loving Ireland is the fruit of the concern of a team of Christian young people specialized in communication, international marketing and tourism. First as girls, then as students and now as young professionals, they have been following Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis through different countries of the world.

With this experience and with the objective of making the logistics as easy as possible for the families that move to Ireland on the occasion of the World Meeting of Families, this personal and professional project was born. A tourism company that has the vocation of supporting religious institutions, schools and organizations that want to organize trips to Ireland by designing different packages that include flights, accommodation and religious and cultural excursions.

A work that we humbly face and with the awareness that Loving Ireland and our work skills are only a small tool put at the service of those who need it.

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