Dublin, the city of a thousand colored doors

The colorful doors in Dublin give a lot to talk about. And although, dear visitor, you may think that it is more of a trait of the humor and sympathy of the Irish people, the truth is that this tradition  has its origin in several legends.
One of them dates back to the time when Ireland was part of the British Empire. It is said that it was an act of rebellion against Queen Victoria, who after being left a widow, ordered to paint all black doors in the United Kingdom as a sign of mourning. However, the Irish people, who had never sympathized with the monarchy, opted to paint the doors of their houses in striking colors while the rest of the United Kingdom was mourning with its black doors.
Another Irish legend – with less credibility – tells that a person after having consumed several pints after work, found his wife with another man in bed when he entered his house and killed them. The next morning, he realized that his victims had actually been his neighbors. According to this frightful event, to avoid such confusions they decided to paint each one its door of a different color, and in addition that each color was as striking as possible. Which legend do you think is most credible?