Discover the treasures of ancient Ireland

Enjoy a trip through the fascinating history of Ireland. In Ireland there are important historical episodes and lasting legends that deserve to be discovered and pondered. Among our essential treasures of ancient Ireland are the tombs of Newgrange and Knowth, located in Brú na Bóinne, a magnificent Neolithic necropolis located in County Meath.

Very close to this place is the legendary and spiritual hill of Tara, linked to great Irish kings. Another hill with history, and another one of the Irish treasures that we recommend you visit, is the hill of Slane, linked forever to the spread of Christianity at the hands of St. Patrick.

Our essentials

More historical treasures? Head to the county of Roscommon and discover Cruachan Ali, considered one of the most outstanding Celtic sites on the European continent. If, on the other hand, you want to visit the largest monument of the Stone Age in Ireland, you should go to Sligo County and discover the tombs and dolmens of Corrowmore.

We also recommend you stop off in Offaly, where you can visit Clonmacnoise Abbey, and then on to Tipperary, where you cannot miss the legendary Rock of Cashel fortress, home of kings and clerics who dominated the region for millennia. And this is just a small appetizer of the historical wonders that await you on Irish soil. Discover them all!