Discover the history of the “Titanic”

During your trip to Ireland, we recommend you discover the intriguing story of the “Titanic”, considered the most famous ocean liner of all time and built in the Harland & Wolff shipyards of Belfast for the company White Star Line. Just discovering the Titanic Quarter, which stretches along the Lagan River, is quite an experience.

If you are a restless family and interested in the history that surrounds this naval legend, you can sign up for an entertaining excursion to the charismatic city of Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland, and visit the fascinating interactive museum “Titanic Belfast”. There you can discover all the secrets that surrounded its creation and sinking after the fateful April 14, 1912 collision with a giant iceberg in the North Atlantic. This will be an eye-opening, step back in time enjoyed by all the family.

Live a unique family experience

Although there are several museums commemorating the “Titanic” around the world, the one in Belfast is unique and exceptional. Visiting it will bring you closer to the thriving industrial past that the shipyards of the city experienced in the early 20th century; you’ll get an unmatched insight into the amazing details linked to the construction of the gigantic and luxurious ship; you can discover what being a passenger was like with a virtual trip through the different rooms of the ship; and then you’ll be able to wander around the exhibitions teeming with smells, noises and cinematic soundtracks. One of the jewels of the museum is, undoubtedly, the only footage of the “Titanic” that is currently preserved in the world. Do not miss this essential museum tour to understand the history of Belfast and the most famous ship ever launched. Belfast is only 2 hours from Dublin city.